About Us

WATNO DUR - reminds its viewers, of their days back home in INDIA; takes them to the lush green fields of Punjab and brings back unforgettable memories.

The Punjabi community happens to have amongst the largest number of settlers in CANADA and this colorful progamme is designed towards bringing the entire community together.

We Indians, have always been known for our intelligence, hardwork and dedication all over the world. Even after being so far away from our homeland, we always dignify ourselves with our vast culture and patriotism. WATNO DUR is our gratitude towards these expressions - our aim is to give VISION to the same.

This, one hour content of the programme delivers full scale entertainment in the form of


Current Affairs


Religious Visits


Exclusive Previews


Classical Glimpses




Live Performances

Today, WATNO DUR happpens to be the highest viewed television series - amongst the entire South-Asian community all across CANADA and we strive hard to keep focussed on value addition to keep it that way.

WATNO DUR has also bagged the "BEST VIEWERSHIP AWARD" from VISION TV for the year 2004.

We, at all times, also involve individuals, businessmen, artists and new talent frequently in our programme. This too helps in expanding viewership network and simultaneously also, the client network who very eagerly cooperate with us by sponsoring the programme.